We’re In The Sunday Paper!

Delighted to be featured in this week’s Sunday Telegraph with a story on motherhood. Do check it out!



One thought on “We’re In The Sunday Paper!

  1. Sarah says:

    Hi Georgia. I wanted to send you a digital high-five on your article. Thank you for vocalising what a lot of new mums go through. It is a huge adjustment to come to terms with our place within a new ensemble and there is nothing unhealthy about thoroughly considering what these changes mean for the life we imagined for ourselves (shut up Rose!). There is a huge emphasis on what we gain as mothers but the reality is that there is a lot of loss too. Loss of freedom, career options, waistlines etc and these things deserve a moment of respectful silence if not a genuine grieving period. Thanks again for your authentic article. Here’s to accepting our inevitable imperfection with grace and good humour.
    Kind regards

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