It’s Here and It’s Real!!! And The Surprises Don’t End There…

Clever girls, they are

To be honest, I’d been feeling pretty nervous about the whole ‘book hitting the real world’ business. A couple of weeks ago some friends up at school asked whether I’d be having a launch party to celebrate and my answer was a very firm No Way. The embarrassment! The public spectacle! Who would even come?!

So yesterday was the big day and Confessions finally landed in bookshops. But with winter uniforms needing to be washed and storm damage to be tended to, other things took over, in the way they just do. Flopping onto the sofa that evening, it all felt a bit anticlimactic. Spotting my bleugh state of mind, Lewis suggested we drop the kids over at my sister’s and pop out for a celebratory drink. Nice plan.

And so we did. Only it wasn’t the nice quiet glass of champs I was expecting. As I rounded the corner of the little bar up the road, champagne corks flew and I came face to face with all the beautiful mums and dads from school, all here to help me celebrate the launch of Confessions.

The very first surprise party I’ve been to – and it was for me!

If ever I needed another reason to love these gorgeous women, well here it was. Samantha and Bron – thank you for being such incredible friends and knowing that deep down, of COURSE I wanted to celebrate hard! And thank you too to all the lovely mums and dads (and my own mum and dad) for braving the wet and the cold to be with me. Feeling #soblessed



One thought on “It’s Here and It’s Real!!! And The Surprises Don’t End There…

  1. Samantha says:

    It was such a wonderful night!!!
    We are all so very proud of you and a celebration was defiantly in order!!!
    Love you lots, you amazing woman!

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