My Path to Publication – Baby Steps

When I sat down to write my first novel, I spent an embarrassing amount of time scouring the web for articles like this. Because let’s be honest – nobody wakes up in the morning deciding to write a book if they haven’t got the tiniest skerrick of hope that it might one day, with a little bit of luck and a whole lot of ducks sitting obediently in a row, get published.

And to the wannabe author there is nothing NOTHING better than reading about some random nobody who sat down to crank out a book in between breastfeeds and the school run and came up with a best-seller that earned them a million dollars and is about to be made into a film with Ryan Gosling (spoiler alert: that isn’t me).

While my story might not run to those glorious heights, in its own little way it’s still the tale of a dream coming true. My dream. And sometimes I have to pinch myself to actually believe it.

So, if you’re sitting in front of the computer right now feeling that weird combination of excitement, fear and (if you’re anything like me) a little bit of embarrassment that comes with writing your first book, this one’s for you.

First up, my journey is not yet complete.

While I’m lucky enough to be signed with a wonderful publisher and an equally fabulous agent, my book has not yet hit the shops and I haven’t yet had to go out and stock up on snazzy new marker pens for my first signing.

My manuscript is currently sitting on a desk somewhere in Melbourne being pored over with a red felt-tipped pen by an uber-talented editor who will (fingers crossed) show me how to turn it into something worth forking out real actual money for.

So where did it all start? Like just about everyone else I’ve ever met, I was pretty sure I had a book inside of me somewhere. A little tiny one, at least. I spent years thinking about the stories I wanted to tell, but never quite found the courage to put pen to paper.

But then something clicked. The big 4-0, to be exact. And while I had two beautiful children and a great partner and was lucky enough to be living in one of the sunniest and most beautiful cities in the world, I suddenly started to feel the pressure of time pushing up against me. Gulp. It was now or never.

Next up…testing the waters with open submissions to publishers


One thought on “My Path to Publication – Baby Steps

  1. Lewis says:

    Love it

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